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Address:Nanan GuanQiao Town chukar mountain industrial zone

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Founded in nanan broadness amounts to building materials co., LTD2006Years,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of modern building ceramic enterprises。The company has modern production technology and advanced production equipment,To build a high quality、The management team of high technology,Implement quality standards strict quality management,The comprehensive progress of science and technology policy,In order to ensure product quality and stability。On the basis of traditional Chinese ceramics essence,Using new technology to develop new products constantly、The new design and color,Create fashion and classic perfect integration of Chinese and western cultural essence,Bring luxury consumers、Modern household concept enjoy warmth and value……


The total number of company employees312More than one

The company is located in nanan GuanQiao Town chukar industrial zone covers an area of mountains100Mu

The annual output1200Wan㎡Brick of pottery and porcelain products。


The company introduced advanced production equipment,The scale of production for3Kiln production line and supporting



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The advantage of negative ion ceramic tile
Negative ion ceramic tile has six big effect000000-00-0-0-0-0)Release negative ions when negative ion ceramic tile after contact with the water molecules in the air,Can make the electrolysis of ionization generates negative ions(H3O2)And hydrogen(H2)。As the ionization reactions occur repeatedly,To continue to release negative ions,Through continuous accumulation,Indoor anion concentration will reach a relatively stable level。By the national authoritative organization building materials industrial monitoring report shows that the environmental monitoring center:Throughout the year12After one hour,The space in the negative ion ceramic tile,Air is an average increase of negative ions500A/Cubic centimeter。2)Remove the causes of the formation of fog haze haze is not only the outdoor environment
Broadness amounts to ceramics:300*800Perfect anion perfect opening ecological brick
Broadness amounts to ceramics:300*800Perfect anion perfect opening ecological brick
The beauty of glass block, Never go out of style
The beauty of glass block, Never go out of style
2018Ceramic tile industry development prospects These points worthy of attention
Ceramic tile production has accounted for global ceramic tile production in China60%More,Annual per capita production of ceramic tile has breakthrough7Square meters,In per capita consumption6.5Square meters,These basic data is apparent in all over the world“High level”。Ceramic tile production characteristics change significantly in recent years,2aa000002011In eight consecutive years of double-digit growth,201aa0002014In single digit growth for three consecutive years,2015、2016In the near zero growth,Once upon a time in the third quarter of this year's figures,2017Ceramic tile production in China in a slight increase,Probablyaa0003%。2018In economic circles generally considered to be China's real estate“

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